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How to Order Land


The best way to order land is through a Support Ticket. This ensures we have all the details we require to set your new region up.


When reaching the Helpdesk homepage, select Submit a Ticket

Then Select Land Purchase

Name:  This is your Inworld name

Email: The email address you want any replies to go to. Also if you wish to pay by PayPal this needs to be the PayPal email address

Priority: Unless an emergency, please leave at Low...we will have your region running as soon as possible.

Region Type: Select the type of land you want

Region Name: Whats your region called?

Estate Name: Choose a name for your "Estate". You might want several Regions included in one Estate. It can also be the same as the Region name if you wish

Estate Owner: Who will own this Region/Estate?

Paypal or Tier Box: Check which payment method is right for you. Tier boxes are located in the Welcome Office. Paypal with received monthly invoices with Paypal buttons

Subject/Message: The system requires these, Suggest just New Land as Subject. Message: any special instructions etc


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